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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The President Rocks The Audience

Live from the White House Correspondents' Dinner:

Contrasting this with Bush's last appearance, I can't help thinking how innately decent and fair our President is. Yes, he had fun tweaking a few people, but no one who didn't deserve it. Most important of all, he called for remembrance of our troops -- the Republicans pay a LOT of lip service to that, but they're the ones who keep cutting the VA budget and freezing the ordinary soldier's wage, and refusing to regulate the payday lenders who are driving our troops' families into foreclosure.

More touching was his call to remember those devastated by the storms that have struck the Southern states. Those red states are a hotbed of teabagger KrayZ. He didn't have to say word one about them. But, unlike Bush, who never mentioned Katrina after it happened except to complain that Kanye West dissed him, our President called for a show of kindness and help to those who hate and disrespect him with every breath.

Thank you, Mr. President. Here's looking forward to another five years with you at the helm.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The S_Trump_et Whores On

We mean, of course, The Donald. Or should that read "whoreson"?

Today, our President, Barack Hussein Obama, released the long form of his birth certificate.

Ordinarily,this form is not available for viewing except to those having a personal interest in it — which is to say, the person whose birth it records or other immediate family members. Hawai'i's privacy laws also do not permit the State to release the original copy to anyone. The President requested a waiver of such laws in order to release this piece of paper.

No other President — nor even any nominee for the office — has ever been required to prove their citizenship. So let's be perfectly straightforward and clear about this whole brouhaha. Had President Obama been white, the question would never even have arisen. On what grounds do I assert this? These:

  • John McCain was never asked to produce his documents, despite the fact that he was NOT born in the US;

  • Birfers are trying to change state and Federal laws — and possibly even the Constitution — to take away the right to citizenship jus soli, i.e., by virtue of having been born on US soil. They are also trying to alter the right to citizenship jus sanguinis, i.e., by right of blood. Currently, the Constitution recognizes both conditions as conferring citizenship. "Birther bills" on the State level actually require potential nominees to have *both* parents born on US soil. The fact that this would exclude Mitt Romney (whose father was born in Mexico) and Donald Trump (whose mother was born in Scotland) hasn't yet penetrated their crania, I suppose.

  • These are the same people who, when Arnold Schwartzenegger the foreign-born brainless Austrian bodybuilder was making his stab at power, were willing to amend the Constitution to allow him to run for President. Yet they're not willing to accept the mixed-race child of a white American mother as a "real American" without making him leap through hoops despite what their OWN FUCKING LAWS SAY.

I'm furious and disgusted with the media's complicity in all this. With their endless bullshit, their boob job coverage, their fertility stories, their Royal wedding coverage, their bullshit about the teabaggers who can barely get 300 people to show up for most events, their refusal to cover the 100,000 who marched in Wisconsin. I'm sick of it. So I found this video on Crooks&Liars, which I cannot recommend highly enough. Please to watch. And then please spread the word. Because he's absolutely correct, every word of it.

Contact NBC and let them know what you think. They really need to hear from people.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Members of Tea Party, forget Ayn Rand ...

Members of Tea Party, forget Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged, go straight to the master ...

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

American Exceptionalism

(c) 2005 K. Smokey Cormier

Ann Richards’ famous description of George Bush Sr. : “He was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.” Equally applicable to the United States as a whole.

Good article about American Exceptionalism here.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sing Along With Me, Children

Sweet mother of GAWD, the Republican lineup for the 2012 elections is getting worse by the minute. I'm afraid to laugh as hard as I want to in case I piss myself.

Then along came Ms. Mollybean1 and posted SadnMad's delightful little ditty that sums the motherfuckers up pretty accurately, don'tyathink?

I mean, Christ, look at this pack of dimbulb stooges! The President can just phone it in at this rate, yes?

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The incredibly evil stinking psychopathic bitch Ayn Rand

I'm sure it is no secret that the so called Tea Party and worshipers of Ayn Rand are out to get her into national awareness so we will all worship her and live by her psychopathic tenets. But what they probably don't want you to know is that she was in love with a psychopathic murderer, William Edward Hickman. You can read about one of his unbelievably heinous kidnapping and murders here.

William Edward Hickman was a hero to her, her ideal man and the ideal for her books and her philosophy. And this is what the Republicans are pushing on America? Oh my god. Oh my god. And I thought Hitler was evil. Oh my god. Oh my god. This is insane. We need to push back hard and expose these bastards.

Great info is ammo and there is a ton of it out there except most people don't know of it. If you want to see a short video and interview of the psychopathic bitch Ayn Rand, the Democratic Underground has one on their page here. What a hideous evil philosophy.

And here, this stinking bitch who hated any government social programs took Social Security and Medicare before she died. Hey you stupid dumb fuck RepigiCONs, there is your heroine for you!

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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Or are the protestors in WI drowning out the Witch of Wasilla?

Something like 6,500 people showed up in WI today. Why? Skanky Wailin'Failin'Bailin' Palin was giving a word-salad speech. AP (worthless corporate cocksucking shills that they are) claims that "hundreds" of te@b@gging Kochroaches showed up, and were met by "hundreds" of union supporters. But, if you look at this clip, it's pretty obvious that "hundreds" of teabaggers might have showed up but they were completely and totally outnumbered by THOUSANDS of union supporters. Who managed to shout Skanky's speech down. Go, WISCONSIN! Show us how DEMOCRACY'S DONE!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can't We All

Just do like these guys and GET THE FUCK ALONG?

I mean ... how cute is this?

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Friday, April 08, 2011

For All Teh Nice Lady-People

This one's for you.

Yup. "Git fucked" sounds about right, and if you can't find a convenient page to fuck, yer hand will do fine.

More delightful bare-knuckle beating available here.

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Didn't I Tell You Guys

Like, a fucking year ago?

President Barack Hussein Obama proves prescient once again in a speech to Republicans a year ago:

The man thinks ahead. He looks ahead. He's not perfect by a long shot, and he's not my ideal candidate by a long shot. But he is, hands down, the most pragmatic President ever. His rhetoric is not overblown but precise, surgically precise.

I wonder if John Boehner is weeping into his whisky watching this, right now.

Details here.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Oakland: We can grow food on empty lots soon

Novella Carpenter has reported on her blog that on April 14th, new urban agriculture laws take effect under the city's zoning update, and it will become legal to grow veggies on empty lots.


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Republican's Immigration Policy

Maybe the Republican's budget proposal is really their immigration policy: make the U.S. decrepit so no one wants to move here anymore.

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