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Sunday, October 15, 2006

What was I thinking??? I'll tell ya. I was thinking I was sick and tired of pathetic comic strips like Family Circus, and Hagar the Horrible, and that. I mean, I'd rather Something Positive, but the Fambly-Friendlies would expire of dudgeon, or something. Hmm ... not a bad idee.

So anyhow. I found me a political strip that I quite like. What's it called? Irony of ironies, drunkduck. This only showed up on my irony radar, of course, around the time that pinhead Bruce Tinsley, creator of the world's unfunniest political comic strip, Mallard Fillmore, got arrested for DUI. Anyway, go check it out. It's a fun strip. not as in "better than Mallard Fillmore," because, unless you're a pinhead, anything is better than Mallard Fillmore. It's a good strip, well-drawn, fun.

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