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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

For fans of the crazy lady

A terrific little work of video genius:

Watch her take on the Asses Of Evil!

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What next?

I won't link to the original post but it's on the Agape Press site, if you want to search for it.

As an American, perhaps Mr. Mordecai should be asking why, with ten percent of the population, black Americans don't have a party that represents their interests.

Israeli Activist Wants Christians Represented in Israel's Parliament
Author Hopes 'Bible Bloc Party' Will Bring Believers Into Knesset

By Chad Groening
February 27, 2006

AgapePress) - A conservative Israeli activist notes that, thanks to immigration, the Christian population of Israel has grown to a politically significant percentage. That is why he wants to form a new political party to place Christian representatives in Israel's Parliament, the Knesset.

Avi Lipkin is perhaps better known by his pen name, Victor Mordecai. The American-born Israeli author and lecturer has been back in the U.S. recently, telling American Christians about his desire to create the "Bible Bloc Party."

Christians have historically had no voice in Israel's primary legislative body, Lipkin points out. His "Bible Bloc" will be a party that "will have Christian activists and Christian candidates running for the Knesset ... because the Christian population in Israel has grown in the last 15 years from two percent to eight percent of Israel's voting population."

Hmmm ... are blogs beginning to affect the Halls of Power?

"You've got solid conservatives coming up speaking like they haven't before, it's likely that something's going on at the grass roots," said Republican Mark Sanford of South Carolina. "Whether it's temporary or not remains to be seen."

See it here.

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