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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The incredibly evil stinking psychopathic bitch Ayn Rand

I'm sure it is no secret that the so called Tea Party and worshipers of Ayn Rand are out to get her into national awareness so we will all worship her and live by her psychopathic tenets. But what they probably don't want you to know is that she was in love with a psychopathic murderer, William Edward Hickman. You can read about one of his unbelievably heinous kidnapping and murders here.

William Edward Hickman was a hero to her, her ideal man and the ideal for her books and her philosophy. And this is what the Republicans are pushing on America? Oh my god. Oh my god. And I thought Hitler was evil. Oh my god. Oh my god. This is insane. We need to push back hard and expose these bastards.

Great info is ammo and there is a ton of it out there except most people don't know of it. If you want to see a short video and interview of the psychopathic bitch Ayn Rand, the Democratic Underground has one on their page here. What a hideous evil philosophy.

And here, this stinking bitch who hated any government social programs took Social Security and Medicare before she died. Hey you stupid dumb fuck RepigiCONs, there is your heroine for you!

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