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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mitt Romney and Extortion of the US Government

Jesus fucking H. Christ.  God fucking damn it to hell.  All this time I thought Mitt Romney was a mother fucking evil son of bitch and he is but even I had no idea until today.  You won't see it in the corporate fucking press.  They're not going to fucking tell you.  They want to keep you ignorant, stupid, and obediently compliant.   Mitt Romney is after all, the new hero for life riding in on a white horse with a white hat in his cracker white skin to kick the black guy out of the White House.

But there are people who are reporting it.  As is my habit, I was streaming the Nicole Sandler show today and she had on Greg Palast talking about a breaking story he has been working on, about how Mitt Romney and his billionaire buddies held the bailout of General Motors hostage for $12 billion fucking dollars.  This is too maddening to recount myself.  Do yourself a favor.  Click the link which will take you to the story reported by Greg Palast this morning on Democracy Now.  And by the way, it is also the cover of the Nation magazine this week.

What a stinking, lying piece of fucking shit this creepy creep is.  And to think he could become our next President.  The Robber Barron's of the 1800's had nothing on this guy.   Even Bush is starting to look like a saint to me in comparison.  This is not defensible people.  This is evil.

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I love Nicole Sandler

OK, it's not that kind of love but so what if it was!

No, I love Nicole Sandler because she has one of the best kick-ass radio shows out there, only it's not on the radio.  She can't get a regular radio gig and so she has her show on the internet at and so you stream her show, which airs live Monday thru Thursday at 7-9 AM PST.  

Well, I am not always up and at the computer during that time and so I stream her show later in the day.    She updates the page with details from her show of the day and then I go to the archives link towards the top of the page and I select the audio archive so I can listen while I move about the house.

And because she is not on the radio she does not have to watch her language and she can have quite the potty mouth letting us know exactly what she thinks of the RePIGliCONs in no uncertain terms!  I love it!  She voices my thoughts precisely!

Otherwise, her show isn't so much of a call in show as it is an interview show with great guests and she is very informative.  You can really learn a lot about the bullshit that goes on that you will never, ever hear about in the corporate media.  She lets you learn about the stuff you aren't supposed to know, lest you rise up and put a stop to it.  

Yes, I love Nicole Sandler.  Like TPC, she is utterly great.  It is odd though, that I've never seen TPC and Nicole Sandler together in the same room.   Hmmmm.  TPC????

Anyway, do yourself (and all of us) a huge favor and join the growing cool and in-crowd and check out Nicole!  You'll be glad you did!!!!!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Warm furry puppies and soft fluffy kittens

Did you see it?  While I was enjoying a nice glass of wine to help me swallow the bullshit being heaped on us last night in the debate by Bishop Willard Romney, he promised us all warm furry puppies and soft fluffy kittens!  And he promised us cake and ice cream and candy slathered in rich creamery whipped cream and we won't have to ever eat our peas again and we'll all loose those extra pounds while we're downing all those sweets and we'll be the picture of health for it!

You heard him right?  OK, maybe he didn't quite utter those precise words of promise but he might as well have.  What he did say was that he has a secret plan to lower our taxes 20% and and give us all high paying jobs and make America great once again while finally restoring a white man to the White House!

Oh, and he promised to lower all of our estate, capital gains, and dividend taxes to zero.   Yippee!  Oh, I don't know about you but those estate taxes and capital gains and dividend taxes are just killing me!  What a horrible burden the middle class must bear!  Can't you just imagine what you will do with all that money you will save?

Gosh, I think I'll be saving at least a couple of bucks off my little portfolio!  How about you?  Got a lot of capital gains to declare and pay taxes on every year?

I'm sure Bishop Willard Romney does.  And big dividend checks that he must be getting off his 100+ million dollar IRA (you have a hundred million give or take in your 401k, right?), not to mention the interest in his off shore bank accounts and money in stocks and bonds and Bain (don't forget Bain).

I can't say that Bishop Willard is getting any sort of pay check to pay taxes on though, I mean after all, he's unemployed right?  And looking for a new job.  You have to feel sorry for the unemployed.  It would sure be a shame if they have to pay taxes on their capital gains and dividends, even if they do have to pay income tax on their unemployment check.  I mean really, give them a fucking break already!  Let 'em at least keep their capital gains tax free.

OK, get my drift yet?  Romney makes tons of money, millions, every year through capital gains and dividends and he doesn't want to pay taxes on any of it.  Nor does he want to contribute anything to this country.  He just wants to harvest us.  Harvest us all for his profit.

Well, I have long had this quote, "I pay taxes so the rich don't have to."  I think if Mittens is elected, I'll probably need to reword that from Mitt's perspective so it reads, "You pay taxes so I don't have to!"

And if you'll just be obedient little things and vote for Bishop Willard Romney for President, then you'll get all the warm furry puppies and soft fluffy kittens you could ever want.  And Rawmoney will get off tax free on your dime!  Vote people, vote!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

You're so Bain

Welp, I haven't posted anything in what feels like years, though it has probably only been a year or so.  My bad, I lost and forgot my password.  I have too many of the stinking things to remember them all anyway, though through a wild stroke of luck here, I just found it!  So I thought I would pen up something sarcastic about current events and post it.

I wonder though, since there hasn't been much activity here recently, it will probably be a spell before anyone sees this anyway.  Maybe I should send out some email and say hi!  Hello TPC!

But otherwise, this is on the Eve of President Obama's second debate with Mitt Robme.  Or Mitt Rawmoney if you prefer.

Regardless, if you have been paying attention, and you got's to pay attention, you would know that the infamous progeny of Mitt called Bain is in the process of shutting down another American company called Sensata and sending all the jobs to China.  And to heap insult on injury, the Sensata workers have to train their Chinese replacements before they are finally fired.

Now I do not want to vilify the Chinese workers.  They want to survive too.  But otherwise, just great.  Don't you just love unbridled capitalism?  Free to create new jobs, warm soft fury puppies and kittens and wonderful things for all!

Well, all except for maybe the unlucky bastards working for Sensata but that's their own lookout.  The lazy louts should have known better.  After all, this is a brave new world, an Ayn Rand fucking paradise!  Yeah baby, sign me up!   NOT!!!

Well, many years ago in the mid 1990's I almost got signed up like just like those unlucky bastards at Sensata.

I worked for a division of a company that was being sold and guess who tried to buy us.  Yeah, that's right, Bain, and while under the leadership of you know who, that marvelous captain of free enterprise and all that is good and wonderful, Mitt Rawmoney.

I was young and naive at the time and did not fully understand the implications if Bain did acquire us but I do remember my supervisor and manager talking about Bain at the time while hoping like crazy that Bain failed.  Fortunately for us, Bain failed, and we were bought by another company, that by the way, kept our pension plan intact, something for which I am eternally grateful, because I am collecting on that very pension today and it is helping me survive a layoff from a different company.

But I do have to wonder where that pension plan would be today if Mitt Robme had been successful in taking my old company over.  We were ripe and ready for harvesting and Mitt would have harvested us like some sorry old wheat, chopping us down, throwing us out like chaff, and plowing us under.  Hey, harvested people are really just things you know.  They don't need money, and especially for silly things like pensions.  Mitt can put that money to much better use!

Yes, I have no doubt that my silly pension would be sitting in an offshore bank account adding onto Mitt's pile of money.

But that would have been right and OK you see, because in this brave new world where corporations are people (didn't Mitt tell us so!) and people are things, well, things have no use for money.  Or food.  Or housing.  Or even medical care.

The sad thing is that about half of this country seems to agree with Mittens.  And I'm sure they will be very happy when Mitt takes away their Social Security and their Medicare and gives it to his rich friends on Wall Street.   You know it has been too long since Wall Street had a good party.  Don't you think it's time they did!

So tomorrow night, break out the booze and party on while Mitt tells us all how much he cares for his old things.  I know that's what I'll be doing while hoping like crazy Mitt fails again.

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