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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Warm furry puppies and soft fluffy kittens

Did you see it?  While I was enjoying a nice glass of wine to help me swallow the bullshit being heaped on us last night in the debate by Bishop Willard Romney, he promised us all warm furry puppies and soft fluffy kittens!  And he promised us cake and ice cream and candy slathered in rich creamery whipped cream and we won't have to ever eat our peas again and we'll all loose those extra pounds while we're downing all those sweets and we'll be the picture of health for it!

You heard him right?  OK, maybe he didn't quite utter those precise words of promise but he might as well have.  What he did say was that he has a secret plan to lower our taxes 20% and and give us all high paying jobs and make America great once again while finally restoring a white man to the White House!

Oh, and he promised to lower all of our estate, capital gains, and dividend taxes to zero.   Yippee!  Oh, I don't know about you but those estate taxes and capital gains and dividend taxes are just killing me!  What a horrible burden the middle class must bear!  Can't you just imagine what you will do with all that money you will save?

Gosh, I think I'll be saving at least a couple of bucks off my little portfolio!  How about you?  Got a lot of capital gains to declare and pay taxes on every year?

I'm sure Bishop Willard Romney does.  And big dividend checks that he must be getting off his 100+ million dollar IRA (you have a hundred million give or take in your 401k, right?), not to mention the interest in his off shore bank accounts and money in stocks and bonds and Bain (don't forget Bain).

I can't say that Bishop Willard is getting any sort of pay check to pay taxes on though, I mean after all, he's unemployed right?  And looking for a new job.  You have to feel sorry for the unemployed.  It would sure be a shame if they have to pay taxes on their capital gains and dividends, even if they do have to pay income tax on their unemployment check.  I mean really, give them a fucking break already!  Let 'em at least keep their capital gains tax free.

OK, get my drift yet?  Romney makes tons of money, millions, every year through capital gains and dividends and he doesn't want to pay taxes on any of it.  Nor does he want to contribute anything to this country.  He just wants to harvest us.  Harvest us all for his profit.

Well, I have long had this quote, "I pay taxes so the rich don't have to."  I think if Mittens is elected, I'll probably need to reword that from Mitt's perspective so it reads, "You pay taxes so I don't have to!"

And if you'll just be obedient little things and vote for Bishop Willard Romney for President, then you'll get all the warm furry puppies and soft fluffy kittens you could ever want.  And Rawmoney will get off tax free on your dime!  Vote people, vote!

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