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Thursday, October 18, 2012

I love Nicole Sandler

OK, it's not that kind of love but so what if it was!

No, I love Nicole Sandler because she has one of the best kick-ass radio shows out there, only it's not on the radio.  She can't get a regular radio gig and so she has her show on the internet at and so you stream her show, which airs live Monday thru Thursday at 7-9 AM PST.  

Well, I am not always up and at the computer during that time and so I stream her show later in the day.    She updates the page with details from her show of the day and then I go to the archives link towards the top of the page and I select the audio archive so I can listen while I move about the house.

And because she is not on the radio she does not have to watch her language and she can have quite the potty mouth letting us know exactly what she thinks of the RePIGliCONs in no uncertain terms!  I love it!  She voices my thoughts precisely!

Otherwise, her show isn't so much of a call in show as it is an interview show with great guests and she is very informative.  You can really learn a lot about the bullshit that goes on that you will never, ever hear about in the corporate media.  She lets you learn about the stuff you aren't supposed to know, lest you rise up and put a stop to it.  

Yes, I love Nicole Sandler.  Like TPC, she is utterly great.  It is odd though, that I've never seen TPC and Nicole Sandler together in the same room.   Hmmmm.  TPC????

Anyway, do yourself (and all of us) a huge favor and join the growing cool and in-crowd and check out Nicole!  You'll be glad you did!!!!!

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