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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Consumer Alert: FDA and Humour

Yaknow, while the FDA drops the ball on contaminated heparin, and the USDA fails to hire enough inspectors to keep our food supply clean, apparently the FDA has the time, staff, and funding to get their panties in a big waddy bunch over a supercaffeinated product marketed as Blow.

You got that right. The same FDA that was busy approving the sale of meat and milk from cloned animals, despite widespread consumer resistance. The same FDA that approves the food items that cause 85 per cent of the food-poisoning cases reported. The same FDA that is closing down half of its food safety labs, despite multiple incidents of food contamination at home and abroad.

Instead of making sure we don't get poisoned food, drink, or medication, FDA commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach and his politically appointed crew of thugs and idiots are busy trying to crack down on a powdered caffeine "energy drink" that is marketed to adults as "Blow," complete with packaging that makes it look like cocaine. Whoop-de-doo, you fucking eejits. Couldja go back to checking the fucking food, drink, and legal drugs we ingest?

Andrew von Eschenbach looks like another one of Gee Dumbya's Good-Ole-Boy Texas buddies who got their jobs because they either knew the worthless motherfucker or were born, raised, or domiciled in Texas. For the record, we don't doubt that Dr. von Eschenbach is a highly qualified urologist. But skill in diagnosing penile problems is not necessarily helpful when running the FDA. A genuine concern for the public health is.

Raw Story has the details of the story on Blow, including a video clip. Dr. von Eschenbach, quit playing the giant nanny, leave our adult pleasures alone, and do your goddamned job.

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