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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

B.A.D. Stroll Through The Blogroll

Graphics credit Skippy, concept credit Skippy and Jon Swift

We're preparing a lengthy post on Iraq for the Out of Iraq Bloggers' Caucus, which we will also crosspost here.

So, in the meantime, we will let other bloggers discovered through Blogroll Amnesty Day show their stuff. Thanks, fellow-bloggers, for your contributions to Blogtopia (y,Sctp)!

Today's featured blogaliciousness:
  • Rocky over at Alien Trucker does a terrific roundup of the blogosphere's reaction to Petraeus' testimony about the occupation of Iraq;

  • Alan, over at Blogging Out Loud, gives Lindsey Graham and Petraeus a boot up the fundament each, as only he can. Warning: no hot liquids near keyboard.

  • Buzz Daly lays out clearly why John McCain is a schmuck. It's easy to talk trash about older working folks when you've got a rich wife to live off, innit, John?

  • Chuck Butcher, over at Chuck For ..., has a message for alla youse voters. It might splash like a little cold water, but read it anyway. There is no place for a cult of personality in politics.

  • Dave at Daveawayfromhome may be "just this guy, yaknow," but apart from the cutie modelling his tee shirt, he has some good criticism of the health plans outlined by the Presidential candidates, complete with links;

  • Stephen, over at Drinking Liberally in New Milford, gives us a glimpse at how our Republican congresscritters decided to vote for Georgie's Little War;

  • Fade, over at House of the Rising Sons, gives you some compelling reasons — including motivational posters — to vote;

  • Deborah Hussein et cetera, over at Litbrit, posts a clip of the inimitable Frank Zappa describing today's political scene. No, rly.

  • Susie Madrak at the Suburban Guerilla highlights the breakdown of the nation's infrastructure. A little bit of that war money would have paid to fix this and more.
Much as we'd love to blog on all these fascinating topics, we're only one person with many projects other than blogging. So our grateful thanks to our fellow-bloggers for their informative posts. This has been your stroll through our blogroll. La Casa de Los Gatos thanks you for your attention.

If you have wherewithal to spare for a good cause, check out Black and Missing but not Forgotten; Pretty Bird Woman House, a resource for Native American/First Nations women survivors of abuse; School for the Girls, where the indomitable Rebecca works to give poor and disabled Kenyan women education, financial assistance, and international exposure for their issues.

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