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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Politics: Worst Person Lifetime Award

We fully expect the masses to rise as one, crying out that there are more deserving recipients out there for the Worst Person Lifetime Award. But we beg to differ.

Our Worst Person of a Lifetime Award goes to annoying, nasal, preachy, whining, sanctimonious, buttlicker Joseph I. LIEberWhore (I-Me).

Remember when that preachy, irritating, sanctimonious little pantysniffer got on the stage to decry his erstwhile ally and friend's behaviour as "immoral"? Apparently, taking money from big Pharma to fuck your constituents over is not immoral, but consensual sex with a consenting adult is. Apparently, having your wife work as a lobbyist for Big Pharma without registering as such is not immoral, a blowjob is. Who knew? Not Joe, AIPAC's bought and paid-for tool.

And then in 2006, along came Ned Lamont to contest Joe LIEberWHORE for the Connecticult Democratic Primary. And Lamont won. So LIEberman then engaged in an act of thuggery that one would hope never to see in a political campaign. Either deliberately and maliciously, or through sheer incompetence and stupidity, LIEberman caused his own Website to malfunction, and blamed Lamont and unspecified "hackers" for it.

Lamont's people denied any involvement but generously offered to assist the lying whore and his incompetent thugs in resolving the issue, an offer that was declined (one can only wonder why). Now it turns out that shortly after LIEberman and his hunchman Dangerstein made the accusations, the FBI investigated and found that the problem was attributable to the LIEberman campaign itself. It cleared Lamont of wrongdoing.

Did LIEberman reveal this information to anyone? No. Did he apologize to the people he LIEd about? No. Did he retract his lies and smears? Of course not, are you smoking something?

No, the little weasel went on to run as an independent and by means fair or foul ended up winning the Senate seat.

But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? Why, we do believe it is the light of Emptywheel's gaze upon further wrongdoing by the LIEberman campaign?

We've been waiting since 2006 for the issue of LIEberman's slush funds and campaign law violations to be raised with the appropriate bodies.

Yeah, yeah, you ask why we didn't do it ourselves. We only started our political awakening with Hurricane Katrina. By the time Lamont was elected, we were taking our first tiny baby steps. Emptywheel, on the other hand, had cut her teeth on these issues long ago. There is not a better-informed commentator on the Valerie Plame affair.

Let's hope this is the beginning of the end for the LIEberwhore. The buyers' remorse being experienced by Connecticut voters can surely bring this pathetic little putz down. Even if Harry Reid is too pusillanimous a pussy to strip the ratfucker of his committees and assignments. Speaking of which, even as Henry Waxman holds hearing after hearing, uncovering unbelievable wrongdoing in every branch of government, Shillator Joe is flying hither and yon on the taxpayer's dime in support of his good friend and fellow Bush buttlicker, John McCain.

Image from Upper Left

Is this what you expected? Isn't it LIEberman's job to hold inquiries into the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?

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