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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Politics: Bernie Sanders Speaks For The People

I've always had a (platonic, political) crush on Senator Bernie Sanders. Anyone who is an independent - truly independent, not a political whore like Joe LIEberwhore - has my admiration. It takes no small measure of guts to stand up to the gutless whores of congress, the sleazy politicians who keep asking for our money, our boots on the ground, our votes, but not our opinions. Who do nothing to help us out of the mess that they keep creating for us, with their bankruptcy bills that give banks and corporations everything and the consumer nothing. Their military funding bills that keep prolonging the war in Iraq. Their FISA bills that give immunity to the telecoms who spied on everything we wrote, said, and thought, retroactively, but not an ounce of relief for those of us shamelessly spied on.

Senator Sanders speaks for we, the people, dammit. Listen to what he has to say:
"For the last six years," says Sanders, "it is clear that we have had a president that does not understand what the Constitution of the United States is about. What this president believes, essentially, is that he can do anything he wants, at any time, against anybody, in the name of fighting terrorism. And he happens to believe that the "war on terrorism" is unending; it's going to go on indefinitely. And I think it is very important that we have an Attorney General who can explain the Constitution to a President who clearly does not understand it.

Unfortunately, Mr. Mukasey is not that person."

Adds Sanders, "We have the right to demand an Attorney General who supports strongly the Constitution and is prepared to tell the President of the United States when he is acting against the Constitution."
You hear that, Dianne Feinstein? You hear that Chuck Schumer? You two, along with a bunch of Bush dogs, voted to confirm that sleazebag Mukasey as the attorney-general of the country. All of you ought to be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves. All you Republicans who voted for someone whose sole aim and purpose in life appears to be ensuring that those who commit high crimes and misdemeanors against this nation will never be held to account. Those who commit war crimes to benefit their wealthy friends will never face a trial for their criminal acts.

Make no mistake about it. The people will hold you to account if you do not hold these villains to account. We will not lose sight of our aims. We know that the country cannot afford four more years of Shrub or Giuliani or Romney or Huckabee or McCain. We know that. We know that we must get rid of the Bush dogs and the traitors. But the day of reckoning will come, if not today, if not next year, it will still come.

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