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Friday, November 09, 2007

Politics: Another Idiot Bites The Dust

John "Pat" Philbin, pic thanks to the nice folks at The Digital Journal

Mind you, they should all get the sack, from the capo di tutti capi on down. But it's a start.

The Raw Story reports that FEMA Press Secretary Aaron Walker will resign effective Dec. 7 after an internal investigation found him responsible for holding a fake press conference in which FEMA staff posed as reporters. Walker apparently asked FEMA staff to pose as reporters, coached them clandestinely during the briefing, and ended the questioning after a scripted question was asked.

Unfortunately, the inquiry did not lead to the firing of the agency's No. 2 official, Harvey E. Johnson Jr., because they couldn't corroborate that the miserable son of a sowbug had incurred any traceable culpability, according to the Washington Post.

John "Pat" Philbin, the Director of Public Affairs who assisted in setting up the faked presser, was to be "punished" by getting the top PR job in the Department of National Intelligence soon after the event, until the story of the faked presser leaked out.

It's not clear whether "Pat" has been fired or merely had his wrist slapped. Slamming his nuts in a nutcracker seems like a more appropriate punishment, but our CEO preznitwit prefers to reward the incompetent and the villainous with Medals of Freedom, the stupid schmuck.

I take it back. According to the fine folks at The Digital Journal, the idiot quit his FEMA job to take the DNI job, and then got the sack when DNI realized what kind of a twit they had just hired. Hopefully he's swabbing out toilets at Walter Reed for a living, now.

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