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Friday, November 09, 2007

Workers' Rights: Nooses, Bullwhips, Dartboard

This is one of those "WTF??" stories that just make you hold your head and wish it was time to start drinking heavily.

AP reports that William Hartline, superintendent of the public works department in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, has been accused of displaying nooses, a whipping post complete with bullwhip, and a dartboard featuring a picture of a black man, in his office. But let's let you read their own words about Mr. Hartline's office:
The investigation will be based in part on photographs Lee took in 2005 of his superintendent's office. In them, the nooses dangle from a wooden contraption that reaches to the ceiling. A bullwhip hangs from a wooden post labeled as a whipping post. A black man stands at the center of the dart board, and his groin area makes up the bull's-eye.

Whitmer said material was found in the office Wednesday night. The dart board he found had a photo of a white man tacked to it, he said. He also said he only located one noose. Whitmer said it was attached to a contraption labeled a "butt-kicking machine" that propelled a fake foot out when someone pulled on the noose. He also found a sign that read, "BILL'S WHIPPING POST."
Jefferson Parish president Aaron Broussard has suspended Mr. Hartline and announced an investigation into what can only be called a hate crime. He is also calling on the parish council to pass an ordinance similar to the Federal hate crimes law, which would enable the parish to refer such incidents to the sherriff's office for criminal investigation.

The FBI has also begun an investigation into the allegations.

Jesus fucking J.H. Christ on a pogo stick! Who does this shit, in this day and age? I hope the sonofabitch gets busted, along with any others like him.

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