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Friday, November 09, 2007

Politics: Mukasey Confirmed

Senator Harkin
While Tom Harkin publicly rails against the confirmation of Mukasey as attorney-general, the four Democratic Presidential candidates who *can* do something about Mukasey - like ensuring the louse does not get confirmed - do squat.

Harkin said, according to a report in Raw Story:
"According to the last attorney general (Bush) was king, and maybe this one believes the same thing, he can do whatever he wants to," Harkin continued. "But even in 1215, the King of England was held to the standard of habeas corpus. I guess we want to turn the clock back to before the Magna Carta."
Raw Story has the video, for those who prefer to believe their own eyes and ears.

But Senator Harkin, why didn't you get on the phone and call Obama, Clinton, McCain, and others who have publicly spoken against the confirmation of Mukasey? Why didn't you ask them to show up and filibuster if necessary to keep Mukasey out?

According to Time Magazine,
Not voting were Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden of Delaware, Hillary Clinton of New York, Chris Dodd of Connecticut and Barack Obama of Illinois. All four had said they opposed Mukasey's nomination.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain of Arizona also was absent, ... .
Republicans Lamar Alexander and John Cornyn were absent, but all other Republicans voted for Mukasey. Remember that if you have the slightest inkling of a conscience or respect for human rights or antipathy to torture.

These Democrats also voted for Mukasey:
Besides Schumer and Feinstein, Democrats voting to confirm Mukasey were: Sens. Evan Bayh of Indiana, Tom Carper of Delaware, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Ben Nelson of Nebraska. Of the Senate's two independents, Joe Lieberman of Connecticut voted for confirmation and Bernie Sanders of Vermont voted against.
Of course the LIEberwhore voted for Mukasey. He thinks that torture is something that is only done to Jews or white people. Everybody else can just join him in gobbling the Chimperor's knob.

Bunch of pathetic, spineless, hateful bastards.

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