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Friday, November 09, 2007

World: Benazir Bhutto Under House Arrest

Tin-pot dictator and bad-rug owner Pervert Musharraf has now placed Benazir "Pinkie" Bhutto under house arrest. Yah. Smart move, asshole. The militant fundie muslims hate yer fucking guts, the nationalists see you as a sellout to the Western powers-that-be, and you're working hard at alienating the Bhutto followers - the upper classes, the wealthy, the Western-educated elite, the lawyers, the students, the progressive elements. Pretty soon, there won't be anyone left who isn't howling for your head on a pike.

Remember, Pinkie has lots of friends in the West. The Chimperor might be sending you buckets of cash right now, but he's only got a little over a year left in power. He's certainly not going to send any troops to help you out - he hasn't got any. So take your haram money and buy yourself a nice hideout in Azerbaijan, or some place. You're gonna need it.

Musharraf's spokespuppets are denying that the move is a house arrest:
"She is not under house arrest. Only the security has been enhanced," said Additional Superintendent of Police Aftab Nasir.
Mind you, Bhutto is quite the corrupt politician herself. It might be fun to see which of these jackals wins the prize - the benighted country of Pakistan, which is slowly sinking back into the Dark Ages.

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