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Friday, November 09, 2007

Supporting The Troops: Grassley Outraged At Exploitation

ABC News is investigating claims that many charities taking money from the public, supposedly to help injured veterans, are actually pocketing the money themselves, according to Raw Story.

Although the American Institute For Philanthropy sets the bar very low indeed - you need to allocate less than 35 per cent of incoming donations to a cause to get an F on their ratings card - apparently, there is no dearth of F-graders out there.
Thirteen out of 27 military and veterans charities reviewed by the Institute did not meet that standard, and one was found to spend as little as 2% of its receipts on program services.

Meanwhile, some of the people running the F-rated charities are getting rich. For example, Roger Chapin, founder of Help Hospitalized Veterans, pays himself and his wife more than $500,000 a year, while only 31% of the $70 million he took in last year actually went to help hospitalized veterans. Chapin, described by Daniel Borochoff as "a charity entrepreneur," has founded more than a dozen such charities over the past three decades.
I wouldn't mind making half a million bucks a year. For doing so little. And look, the guy pulled in $70 mil last year. Meanwhile, one out of every four homeless people living on the streets is a veteran, according to another AP report, which points out that veterans comprise only 11 per cent of the U.S. population. While these unfortunates struggle to overcome problems experienced with PTSD, traumatic brain injury (TBI), shattered family relationships and destroyed marriages, scumbuckets like these "charities" are getting rich. And the cumbucket-in-chief is busy playing pow!pow! games while forcing taxpayers to shell out for his fundraising trip to Texas to help his fellow scumbag, John Cornyn.

Republican Senator Charles Grassley has stated that he is looking for some way to crack down on these groups. Good luck, Senator. You and Chuck Hagel seem to be the only Republicans who really give a shit about the men and women coming back maimed, dead, and destroyed. Although you might want to check out the Forbes magazine expose about him first.

Raw Story has the video, in case you're suffering from low blood pressure.

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