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Monday, September 03, 2007

War - KBR Trial

News is starting to leak out of the proceedings filed against Kellog, Brown, Root, the Halliburton spinoff responsible for feeding, watering, and generally provenancing U.S. military in Iraq. We now know that they were giving military personnel contaminated water and food.

Via Raw Story comes this report from the L.A. Times:
Senior managers for defense contractor KBR overruled calls to halt supply operations in Iraq in the spring of 2004, ordering unarmored trucks into an active combat zone where six civilian drivers died in an ambush, according to newly available documents.


Six American truck drivers and two U.S. soldiers were killed when the convoy rumbled into a five-mile gauntlet of weapons fire on April 9, 2004, making an emergency delivery of jet fuel to the airport. One soldier and a seventh trucker remain missing.
Are that driver and soldier still "missing?" If so, they must be dead. It just isn't cost-effective for insurgent forces to keep captured foreigners alive for long. If they're found out by coalition forces, they risk capture, torture, death.

If those two had been rescued, we would have heard about it, surely. If you live in a district that is represented by a Republican, please urge your representatives to vote to end this war immediately. Not one more cent should go towards the butchery of your fellow-citizens or civilians in a distant land. Remember, the first casualties of war are always the weakest individuals. Children, pregnant women, elderly, disabled, and civilians. Armed insurgents have an effective network that allows them to protect themselves, and disappear as need be. Civilians have nothing. They're seen as effective cover by the insurgents and as "collateral damage" by the occupying forces. We're killing children, women, old people, sick people. The insurgents are running away to fight again another day, and another, and another.

Please, help to stop this madness. Write your representative a letter today. And tomorrow. And day after. Don't stop until this is over, and your friends, family, neigbours, fellow-citizens in the military are safely home.

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