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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Politics - Why The Rush To Get Rid Of Larry Craig?

I was tootling around Firedoglake this morning (confession: it's one of my favorite sites), and found a link to Sisyphus Shrugged laying down some rather disquieting reasons for the rush to dump Larry Craig.

I'm not saying he shouldn't have been dumped. There's a big difference between getting a blowjob in the relative privacy of your office and hustling someone in a public toilet. Plus, I've been aural witness to recreational sex in public bathrooms, and it's not an experience I care for. I think sex is good and people should have as much of it as they can. Keeps the sphincters, erm, toned. And the emotional makeup less constipated, if you will. I just don't care for being a party to it if I'm not actively involved, and I have a thing about toilets being a less than desirably clean site for such activities.

That said, I had to wonder why Craig got the bum's rush while Vitter of the dirty diapers continues to be protected by the Gross Old Perverts.

Reason #1: Craig is gay, Vitter is straight, and the GOP, like all closet queens, is notably homophobic;
Reason #2: The Governor of Idaho is a Republican, who will appoint a fellow-Republican to take Craig's seat; the Governor of Louisiana is a Democrat, and the Republicans don't want to give Democrats that one extra vote in the Senate.
Reason #3: Go check out Firedoglake and Sisyphus Shrugged. You'll be glad you did.

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