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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Entertainment? Cats

And I thought Faridah was bad:

Cat terrifies posties

Post bosses are threatening to stop deliveries to a woman's house - because her cat is too scary.

Sarah Gregg's Dipity lashes out at anyone who calls. She has already injured some of Sarah's friends since she moved in 18 months ago.

She has now taken a dislike to the postman. She leapt three feet and slashed him, drawing blood, as he slipped his hand through the letter box.

Sarah, 24, from Huddersfield, only found out about the attack when the manager of the local delivery office wrote to complain.

A follow-up letter advised Sarah to fit a cage on the inside of her door, reports the Mirror.

The letter said: "If any further incidents are allowed to take place I shall have to consider suspending deliveries until I am satisfied the danger is removed."

Sarah said: "You hear about guard dogs injuring postmen all the time - but not cats. I feel very bad about what has happened.

"I can't say I blame them for threatening to cut me off. I love Dipity to bits. She is adorable. But I would be the first to admit she is a little terror.

"All she wants to do is pick fights. When I took her to be neutered she tried to gouge lumps out of the vet and was hissing at all the dogs."

Faridah bit or scratched everyone she ever met. I christened her Faridah Peeples. She bit me often enough.

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