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Friday, August 03, 2007

Politics - Tancredo Just As Articulate And Witty

Image from ToppleBush

Recently, Tom Tancredo threatened to bomb two of Islam's holiest shrines to deter fundieloonies of that particular flavour from bombing the U.S. Not the most appropriate or reasonable - ah, fuckit, that's the fucking craziest crap to come out of the mouth of The Mouths of Sauron. Great Ctulhu, what's wrong with these people?

Anywho. Today, the State Department confirmed that Tancredo is fucking nuts. Fruity as a nutcake. Loony as a canadian coin. Batshit insane. Et cetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. Hopefully, Tom's butt-buddies in the Repugnantcan party will take this as a heads-up to cease with the frothing rhetoric already.
"Let me just say that it is absolutely outrageous and reprehensible for anyone to suggest attacks on holy sites -- whether they are Muslim, Christian, Jewish or those of any other religion," Tom Casey, a spokesman for the department, told reporters.


"We and many of our friends, and Muslim friends and allies are all doing what we can to take on extremists and take on terrorism and to somehow suggest that an appropriate response to terrorism would be to attack sites that are holy and sacred to more than a billion people throughout the world is just absolutely crazy," Casey said.
Jeezus fucking J.H. Christ and his black brother Harry, as Robert Anton Wilson used to say.

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