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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Science - The Open Library

Image courtesy of Auntie Beeb

Auntie Beeb reports that a project is underway to put every single book in every language in the world online. Imagine that! I'm so thrilled! Sometimes it's really hard to find a particular book. For example, someone once gave me a copy of A Narrow Strip of Land, a book by a North Vietnamese journalist chronicling their experience of the Vietnam war. It was a slim volume, but very interesting reading. A talented writer, fascinating subject matter. Then the book grew legs and walked off to Paris with a friend who had promised to return it after reading. I searched for 20 years for another copy. Last year, my book fairy delivered a copy - not too expensive, thank deity. When the Open Library is available, I will need to spend neither time nor money to find such books.

Of course, my reading plan will probably become insupportable, but hey. Dem's de breaks. And imagine being able to find Pather Panchali, or Palli Samaj, in the original! Le Rouge et Noir, or La Dame aux Camellias! Fuschia Dunlop's tome on Szechuan cooking (the cheapest available copy was going for $200). My Burmese cookbook! The legends of Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat! Ze possibilities, zey make my head speeen!

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