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Sunday, January 21, 2007

more cat news

Blogger has forcibly abducted me into its updated thingumajig, whatever it's called. Glogger? In honor of the Mighty Gee of Google? WEvs.

Bandicoot is being extra affectionate lately. He and Zingiber turned 10 last Thanksgiving. They were born on Thanksgiving, and I got them on Valentine's. Isn't that speshul? I brought home all their photos to be scanned and put up on this site, but the scanner broke. So it's being replaced.

Gojira is being Extra Bad. I suppose a kitten must practice these things. Keeping one's paw in, as it were. In what, we won't say.

Zingiber, aka MisterPoopyPants, needs a pantscut. That is to say, we need to trim his fluffy pojamas so they won't trap quite so much, uh, detritus. He's too fat to clean his own behind, having last clocked in at an impressive 22 lbs, although he may have lost a little of that weight lately. He still looks like a cushion. He runs around on his pointy ends, which just don't seem pointy enough to balance his enormous girth.

Madu still *seems* slim, but it's clearly an illusion. He's a tall cat with long legs and a long tail, and when you look at him head-on, he seems slim enough, but in profile, he has a distinctly rectangular body, with a belly that's just an inch or two shy of the floor.

As for Gustav, alas, he encountered some smackage of the rear end last week. I guess it's a testimony to my loving care and patience that he looked thoroughly surprised but not afraid when my open palm lightly addressed his backside. I meant to scare him, not hurt him, so it didn't connect very hard at all. But he did appear to be trying to kill Gojira, whom he outweighs by a good 3 lb or so. Anyway, he looked rather shocked and then annoyed, and then stalked off in a high dudgeon as if to say, "See if I come near YOU again. Peeeg."

More tales of the younguns and their origins someday. Not today, though.

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