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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Assorted cat orts

Well, it appears poor Gustav has a neurological condition that's making his back legs all wonky. His kitty staircase arrived today. Some assembly required. I must post a pic of him. I fear we won't have him too much longer.

On the plus side, he did get his cortisone shot, and that seems to be helping some. I wish he weren't quite so fixated on Bandicoot, although the Coot is so sweet, he's easy to fixate on. The neighbour calls him "The Buddha cat," because despite the occasional bout of cat neurosis, he's largely (very largely) an amiable lad who gets along with all and sundry, including the skunks and the raccoons. I can't recall him ever, in over ten years, fighting with another cat, not even that obnoxious Amiga-head nextdoor. He lies down when they attack, which leaves them too flummoxed to continue.

Now, Bandicoot doesn't want to play nursemaid to Gustav, so after about the fifth time that Gustav runs up yowling loudly and wanting to be licked, the Coot heads for the hills. We pretty much let him out whenever he wants because he's a sensible fellow and has a few dry spots he likes to hang out in, out of the rain. Also, he has a coat that would keep Nanook of the North warm. Long, silky, and double-layered, possibly even triple-layered. His problem is staying cool. Gustav, on the other hand, was born and raised in Singapore, and is a Japanese bobtail with a very sparse, short, single-layered coat. He doesn't appear to have any guard hairs.

So Gustav insists on running outside to look for the Coot, and then gets all cold and freezy-like. Then, not having the sense or amiability to cozen himself into some warm shared spots with the other wildlife, he stands out in the rain and yowls with a pair of lungs that would do a Pavarotti proud. Jeebus holy Harry the guy can howl. The vet won't even use the stethoscope on him, anaconda he's afraid of going deef.

I guess bobtails and Manxes have a hereditary tendency to neurological disorders involving their high back legs and short spinal columns. I remember being warned about the Manx I tried to adopt. I'll have to research it and see what we can do for the boy. Sad.

The Coot practices his charm on a favorite purple sweater despite its failure to show off his full fluffiness

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