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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Great Book Reading Project

So now I'm wondering - and I welcome suggestions, as long as they're not of the "stick it where ..." ilk - should I set aside the Smedley book to be read with the stack of books on Chinese history and culture? Or should I leave it in this pile and add more autobiographical and biographical works? After all, the recently read Heavenly Intrigue by Gilder and Gilder is kind-of-almost biographical, innit? Innit?

The other thing I'm wondering - and Smoke, you can certainly help answer that - is, am I reading all these books just so I can justify procrastinating on the book project? Because I have approximately 500 books that I have set aside as "required reading for book project." Should I set up my reading lists for that project? Will I die of fright when I see how much is left to do? Am I overreacting?

So many questions, so little time. Think I'll get back to reading.

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