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Monday, January 15, 2007

Your Cat News du Semaine

Maxxie's birthday card, as assembled by one Jeffraham Prestonian. He do good work, don't he? If you're wanting something done in this field, he might be the man to call. Check out his site for more evidence of his Catly Crimes. Also, two lovable felines - The Fat Boy, aka CurlyQ, and LarryElvis, the new resident with no eyes. Just kidding. He's got 'em, they've just been hurtingk lately mit ein infection. He should be all back in the rosiest pink o'health soon.

Well, you can see from this beautiful montage o'Maxx how I fell in love with the lad. The most regal, yet sweet, expressions of felinity. Sigh.

In other news, Gustav's wonky walk has not improved much. I finally broke the news to my sister, his rescuer. I hope things work out, but I have doubts at this point. Main thing is to make sure his time is comfortable and happy. Today I shared part of an eclair with him. It was my birthday, so I had eclair, and I only gave him the creme fraiche filling, honest. He's a skinny kid, so it shouldn't do him any harm. Got him a staircase, but he doesn't like it. We'll just have to carry him more, I guess. Also, his eyes have become reinfected (always happens when he has cortisone shots), so I'm feeling a little extra sympathy for Jeffraham.

Bandicoot has a cold. Temperatures here are in the low 20s (F) at night, and the fog rolls in early, making everything dank, dark, dreary, and cold. It doesn't help that the little louse thinks hangin' out on the hill in freezing temperatures is Teh Most Fun Evah.

Oh, yeah, and a kitty vid to amuse. Worked on me.

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