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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 Book List Updated

Hah! More books!

And alphabetically ordered, too!

Abraham's Promise - Philip Jeyaretnam
Agnes Smedley - J.R. & S.R. MacKinnon
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius - Dave Eggers
Amerika - Franz Kafka
A Spy's Revenge - Richard V. Hall
Believer Book of Writers Talking To Writers - Vendela Vida
Better Living Through Bad Movies - Sheri Zollinger and Scott Clevenger
Bird by Bird - Anne Lamott
Bonfire of the Vanities - Tom Wolfe
Captains of Consciousness - Stuart Ewen
Daniel Deronda - George Eliot
Daughters of the House - Indrani Aikath-Gyaltsen
Death and Justice - Mark Fuhrman
Don't Know Much About Mythology - Kenneth C. Davis
Extraordinary Popular Delusions - Mackay
Foreign Land - Jonathan Raban
Glory - Vladimir Nabokov
Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad
Heart Politics - Fran Peavey
How I Adore You - Mark Pritchard
Imaginary Homelands - Salman Rushdie
Jai Bhim - Terry Pilchik
Moving Targets - Women, Murder, and Representation - Birch
My Life in France - Julia Child
Nectar in a Sieve - Kamala Markandeya
On the Beach - Nevil Shute
Passions of the Cut Sleeve - Bret Hinsch
Plays, Vol. 2 - Bertholdt Brecht
Porphyrys' Letter To His Wife, Marcella
Prometheus Rising - Robert Anton Wilson
Pronatalism - Peck & Senderowitz
Rabbit-Proof Fence - Doris Pilkington
Reading Lolita In Teheran - Azar Nafisi
Reality Isn't What It Used To Be - Walter Truett Anderson
Republican Like Me - Harmon Leon
Robert van Gulik - van de Wetering
Rosie - Anne Lamott
Spices & Condiments - J.S. Pruthi
Stones From The River - Ursula Hegi
Take the Cannoli - Sarah Vowell
The Age of Diminished Expectations - Krugman
The Art of the Novel - Milan Kundera
The Bride Price - Buchi Emecheta
The Courtship of Robert Browning & Elizabeth Barrett - Karlin
The Devil Finds Work - James Baldwin
The Early Stories 1883 - 1888 - Anton Chekov
The Ginger Man - J.P. Donleavy
The Hollowing - Robert Holdstock
The Image - Isaac Bashevis Singer
The Inner Eye - Satyajit Ray
The Mind's I - Hofstadter & Dennett
The Plague - Albert Camus
The Secret Sharer - Joseph Conrad
The Sleeper Wakes - Knopf
The Unabomber Manifesto -
Tipping the Velvet - Sarah Waters
'Tis Pity She's A Whore - John Ford
Where The Oceans Meet - Bhargavi Mandava
Why I Am Not A Muslim - ibn Warraq
Women, Outcastes, Peasants & Rebels - Bardhan
You Shall Know Our Velocity - Dave Eggers

We're up to 48 now and counting. Smoke has threatened two more, which would bring the total count up to 50. I need to reread Salman Rushdie, The Jaguar Smile, so that could be 51. Does anyone want to bet that I'll get all these books read plus my backlog of Science News from the past year?

How much? Folks?

Update: We've added two books by Dave Eggers, thanks Smoke, and one by Vendela Vida, thanks Smoke. Also I went back and added various books that were on last year's list that I had not finished in the allotted time. The list is now up to 61 books. Bets still open.

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At 11:31 PM, Blogger Mark Pritchard said...

How sweet of you to list my book!

At 10:11 AM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Mark, I'm finally getting around to reading it! I read the first book (Too Beautiful) in no time at all, but I've been so snowed under with books since then. Tom already read it and gave it two thumbs up. Love you, and love to the Mysterious Madame X and the rest of the fambly.


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