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Monday, January 15, 2007

Health news

Yummy! Now that I know I'm risking brain worms, I might just stick to home-cooking. How 'bout'chu?

Say whaaat??? Apparently taking an aspirin every other day could reduce one's risk of asthma, as well as heart disease. Does that mean we're going to stop working on cleaning up our breathable air? I'm not big on the "just take a pill, that'll fix it" school of health management.

Especially because of stories like this. So you take statins to lower cholesterol, but now you have Parkinson's, so you'll live longer, even though you'll mightily wish you hadn't. And time will slow down as you slip into immobility and rigidity. If there is a deity, it's more in the line of Blake's Nobodaddy, a cruel and vicious torturer, rather than a kindly All-Father or Mother.

This week's contestant for the Darwin Award has, unfortunately for us all, sprogged and therefore cannot win. Pity. I can understand taking extreme risks to save the life of a loved one, or one's home, but really, an Xbox? Cupidity and stupidity, hand-in-hand.

I wonder how much tea it'll take to cut the pain? Apparently, the caffeine in coffee reduces some of the hard-earned pain one suffers after a good workout. Me, I'm more partial to a cup of cha.

And finally, please don't try for a Darwin Award - get yourself tested for glaucoma annually, especially if you're African-anything (American, Canadian, English, it don't matter) or of Caribbean descent, or are over 40, or have relatives who've had glaucoma or diabetes. And take the fucking medication exactly as prescribed. I'm too old and cranky to be working as a guide for the blind. Thank you.

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