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Monday, November 12, 2012

Our super scary fiscal cliff (or curb in our case)

Scared about our 16 trillion dollar national debt?  We're told to be.  To be sure, it is an ugly number and it is a ginormous scary huge pile of money, no doubt about that.

And of course, the scum sucking right wing rat pig bastards blame it all on Obama, that liberal socialist super tax and spend monster.  Never mind that a super ginormous huge pile of that debt was run up by Sonny Boy President George Hero for life W. Bush, who by the way never bothered to put his wars for corporate profit on the books, let alone his giant give away to the pharmaceutical companies with that Medicare drug bill that made it illegal for the federal government to negotiate for better drug prices.

Nope, if you're honest about it, you have to recognize that RePIGliCON's are the real spend monsters here.  They run up huge debts and deficits and then scream like hell about it when the Democrats are in charge.  Talk about stinking lying asshole rat pig bastards, RePIGliCONs are it!

And so we are left with this ugly national debt that scares everybody to death.  And so obviously our only way out is to cut our spending on Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security and food stamps and education and anything and everything that actually helps real people in this country.  Super austerity!  It's the only way to go right?

Well, hold on then now, not so fast.  As bad as our national debt is and relative to our gross domestic product (GDP), it is by no means the worst we have ever had as a nation.  Don't believe me?  Then do a little homework here and check out this chart put up, NOT by any liberal pinko commie leftwing blog like this.  No, this chart is the product of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).

From the GAO chart, our debt to GDP exceeded 110% during World War II.  It cost us a hell of a lot of money to fight those wars.  But then in those days, we were all in to do it and we did it.  AND we paid off that debt.  Though admittedly and unlike now, that was back in the day when the rich and the corporations actually paid their fair share.

But on the other hand, our debt to GDP ratio is only about half as much as it was during World War II and we have to panic!  OMG!

Nonetheless, if you look at the history of our national debt to GDP, that ratio stayed low through President Carter, until Reagan promptly ran it back up, but then Clinton paid a chunk of that down.  Then it starts to rise again a little bit under Bush, but again, Bush never put any of his huge expenditures on the books, leaving it to Obama to put that debt on the books as it should have been.  And so you see this spike under Obama, as though he were spending all this money.  He's not!  The other side of the coin is revenue, which RePIGliCONs won't allow.  They are dead set on bankrupting the country and they don't give a fuck who get hurts in the process.

See!  RePIGliCONs are exactly that, stinking lying asshole rat pig bastards.  They caused all this debt, lied about that, and then lied about the scope of it relative to our economy!  And then won't allow any revenue to pay it down.  Oh I hate these fuck head people.  And so now we have this so called fiscal cliff were about it head over, right?  Oh Really!?

I have to recommend Nicole Sandler's show today as she played a clip from Chris Hayes who calls it what it is, a "fiscal curb."  And she had a good segment with Rick Ungar from Forbes about it all.   Give a listen and learn.

Oh, and then Nicole rightly focuses on the closing of one progressive radio station after another across this country.  Taking a drive across the country in the future?  If you turn on your car radio, all you are going to get to hear is stinking right wing propaganda from Glen Beck and Rush Limbutt and on and on.

And here I am in the liberal blue progressive Bay Area and the only AM station that plays any progressive talk, AM 960, took off half their progressive programming at the beginning of this year and gave it to Beck and other assholes I could give a fuck about.  These right wing bastards only want right wing propaganda on our airwaves, the people's airwaves.  Assholes.  That's why more and more I turn the radio off and listen to programs like Nicole's and Mike Malloy's on the internet instead.  Let radio die.  Just give me my Nicole

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