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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Election results still flowing in this morning ...

... And I have to take off for the day shortly.  I called TPC last night after Obama won and we celebrated on the phone together.  It will probably still be awhile but TPC hopes to blog again in the future.  I sure hope so.  I'm a poor replacement compared to her writing!

But from the little bit I have heard, we had some great victories yesterday, Alan Grayson, Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin, and more.

And I heard this morning on Nicole Sandler's Radio or Not show that Alan Grayson had the biggest political come back in history going from loosing by 18 points to winning by 25 or 26 points!

I also gather from Nicole that America's Senator, Bernie Sanders, won by a huge margin in Vermont, winning without spending a lot and by being true to his beliefs.  I love Bernie Sanders and wish there were more like him!

Well, that is it for me today.  I'm already late and need to get out of here.  But even though we lost some tough races, we won a lot too and those victories make me smile!

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