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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

You have to see this ...

So I just went to Nicole Sandler's Radio Or Not website to stream her show and she has a video up showing one of these god damn electronic voting machines in Pennsylvania that registers your vote for Romney when you try to vote for Obama.  You know, if it were me trying to vote on the thing and it did that, I'd take a sledge hammer to it.

But then, I guess I shouldn't be surprised about this given Mitt's kid Tag is in the voting machine business.  Now I don't know if Tag's voting machines are being used in Pennsylvania but regardless, when our vote is privatized, we get the government that our corporate masters allow us to have.

And today Greg Palast is breaking a story on Democracy Now about suppression of the black vote in Ohio.

These bastards are doing everything they can to steal the election for Romney.  Right now I can only hope enough Obama voters are able to get out and vote and get their votes properly counted.

As for me, I voted for Obama on paper with an absentee ballot.  I should have taken one more step though and hand delivered it while waiting to have them check my signature on file to make sure it matched.   Live and learn.

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