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Friday, November 16, 2012

Anonymous apparently foiled Karl Rove's attempt to flip Ohio!

OMG.  From a report I just heard, the secretive group Anonymous intercepted and blocked an attempt by Karl Rove and his minions to flip the vote in Ohio and give the election to Romney.  No wonder Rove had his meltdown on Fox Boobs!

I just heard this and haven't had a chance to explore it but check out this link and search for more.  I bet, I'll betcha it's true and we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to this secretive group!   And there ought to be evidence out of this to throw Rove's sorry ass in the slammer for the rest of his life.  And if justice could be added to justice, his sorry ass will end up as the "girlfriend" of the biggest, nastiest ringleader in the jail!  Bend over Rove, here it comes again!  Can't you just see it!  :-)

Though to be honest, I can't imagine how that creepy slug face of Rove's would be attractive to anyone, though sometimes there's no accounting for taste.

The only question now though, is if Rove's slippery ass will slither out of this revelation without being prosecuted.  But then, I imagine he's still trying to escape the wrath of his overlords for failing them.  Maybe there'll be another kind of justice still.  We'll see.

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