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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Entertainment? Say WHAT?

Okay, c'mon, you all knew about this and have been laughing into your sleeve for weeks. I didn't. I only just heard about it recently. And when I did, I thought, "Oh, no, they didn't say that! It's the surgery, it's the meds, I've GOT to be imagining this, they couldn't possibly have said "tea bagging," could they?"

But yes, it's the Republican Party, after all, AKA the Party of FAIL. And they said "TEA BAGGING!" Yes, they did.

On April 15, patriots like Sean "Butt Boy" Hannity, Flush "Anal Poisoning" Rimbowl, Glenn "Snivel" Beck, and their like will be participating in Teabagging Parties all across the nation. To show us that, uh, well, um, that ... Gay Marriage is Wrong! And, and, and, uh, they're ...

Oh, never mind. Watch this for yourself. And keep the laughter down. You don't want this to go viral.

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