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Friday, April 03, 2009

Entertainment: Jon Stewart and The Queen of England

In case you hadn't noticed, all the conservative Republican offense kleptomaniacs are screaming and fainting with pretended outrage about How. Michelle. Obama. Hugged. The. Queen. Of England.

Oh, yeah. Suck it, you eejits. So what? The Queen was, apparently, far less offended than our bunch of panty-twisting pantywaists. If you watch the clip, you'll notice that Her Majesty was comfortable enough to slip her own arm round the First Lady's waist.

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Not at all like her shooting the hairy eyeball at Georgie the Lesser when he had the temerity to wink at her, eh? Or even the acerbic comment she threw at Silvio Berlusconi today when she let him know she didn't appreciate his"Yo, Blair!" moment.

So bag it, you vile Republiscum. The Queen of England is perfectly capable of deciding for herself who she likes and who she doesn't, and she wasn't in the least put out by Mrs. Obama's affectionate gesture. Furthermore, when did you yobs get so excitable about a foreign monarch? Greasy pointyheaded eejits. Back into your cave, yo!

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