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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Politics: Telling It Like It Is

Damn, I am SO proud of my President! Again! I haven't stopped being wildly happy about President Barack Obama's election win since November 5th, 2008.

Today's good news comes from Jake Tapper of ABC, who rarely writes a pleasant word about our President. However, this was just too good to miss out on. Apparently, our President intervened in an argument between Nicolas Sarkozy and Hu Jin-tao at the G-20 meetings, an argument that was getting quite heated before President Obama spoke with each party. He pulled each of them aside and only the fly on the wall knows what he said to them, but it appears the Chinese premier and the French prime minister saw the good sense of what he was saying and are now back and making nice with each other again.

Can you imagine something like this happening in the era of the loudmouthed arrogant idiot blowhard who dragged our country through the mud the past eight years? No, that fool was good for nothing but talking with his mouth full, addressing other foreign leaders by yelling "Yo!" across the room, groping foreign dignitaries, and generally acting like a stupid drunk on an eight-day bender. Just look at the picture of him trying to drag the Chinese premier around by the sleeve, or the unbalanced, red-faced gin-blossom expression at the Olympics for a quick and painful refresher.

Our President makes us all proud to be who we are, proud that we have elected him.

Bonus FYI: If you write him a letter, there's a pretty good chance that he will read it. According to ABC, President Obama reads ten letters a day from his fellow Americans. In addition, he reads letters from children, so write the man!

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