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Friday, January 11, 2008

Media: Chris Matthews Is An Idiot

Chris "Water On The Brain" Matthews

And a raving, sexist, misogynistic, buttkissing idiot, at that. Having stuck his foot firmly in his mouth by predicting that Hillary would get steamrollered in New Hampshire, he then subjected the great listening public to more verbal diarrhoea by promising never to underestimate Clinton again.

The very next morning, he decided sticking his foot in his mouth was not enough, so he stuck his head up his ass all the way to the esophagus. He attacked Clinton as viciously and stupidly as only he can do. Listen for yourself:

Not one word of substantive criticism of her focus-group and poll-centered campaigning. Not one word about her ties to lobbyists and corporations. Not one word about her ineffectual positions on health care and her failure to achieve anything other than positing mandatory insurance.

Just stupidity and venom. And having covered himself with poop, he then goes on to find the septic tank and slather himself with the contents of that as well. Geezus Christ, you pathetic, lame-assed idiot, just quit now before you fall into the sewage plant. You're already so not smelling like a rose. In fact, you're just plain smelling.

He couldn't get enough of Fred Thompson's "manly smell." Obviously, he prefers sniffing men to substantive journalism.

(Thanks to Undie Lib over at WTF Is It Now?, who spotlighted it first.)

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