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Friday, January 11, 2008

The Trial of Reginald Potts

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The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Reginald Potts pled not guilty this morning in his trial for the murder of Nailah Franklin. He has said that he plans on representing himself if he cannot find an attorney.

Apparently we here at Casa de Los Gatos are not the only ones who think this lawyer has a fool for a client. The judge at the arraignment hearing advised him that he was making a mistake, gambling with his life. The prosecution has stated repeatedly that they will seek the death penalty.

Mr. Potts is facing 16 counts of murder in the first degree, and an additional six criminal counts. Details are available here, together with links to extended coverage of the murder and Mr. Potts' rather interesting background.

The article is available here.

Mr. Potts' next hearing is scheduled for January 22nd. The court will, at that time, verify the status of the parties to the trial to ensure that the trial itself, scheduled for February 19th, will proceed smoothly. At this time neither the place nor the cause of Nailah Franklin's death have been revealed. The last pronouncement made by the medical officer in charge was that Nailah Franklin had not been shot or stabbed.

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