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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Politics: Another Rat Scurries

off the sinking ship:

Hypocritical sleazebag and potential prisoner John Doolittle

Good news! Champagne all around!

Corrupt sleazebag and aptly-named political slimebucket John Doolittle is retiring from Congress. Doolittle, a Republican cobag from California (the state collectively blushes in shame), is currently under investigation in a lobbying scandal that ties him to Jack Abramoff.

Doolittle attributes his decision to step down at the end of his current term to God.
"My wife, Julie, and I have made this decision after much prayer and deliberation. It was not my initial intent to retire, and I fully expected and planned to run again right up until very recently," Doolittle said after addressing supporters in his Northern California district.
He has supporters in Northern California?? WTF?? Shame, shame, shame dudes. You bin smokin' too much of yer product.

The shameless cobag means he had a conversation with the Deity, in which said Deity told him to get the H-E-double-toothpicks outa Dodge, because neither his party nor his constituents were buying his bullshit this time around.
"But it distilled upon us (sic) that we were ready for a change after spending almost our entire married lives with me in public service. We are at peace with this choice and look forward to starting a new chapter in our lives."
"Distilled upon us?" Say what? This must be a usage of distilled with which I am thankfully unfamiliar. Either that or the guy's been hitting the booze. Not that I blame him, with his current problems. Oh, hell, yes, I do. He's a pinch-faced hypocritical lazy corrupt jerk with the look of constant constipation draining his jowly cheeks. And what do you mean, public service, you hypocritical swine? Public swilling at the trough is more like it.

The article goes on to say:
The development comes as Doolittle, in his ninth term, faced growing political pressure from fellow Republicans who considered him a liability because of his involvement, along with his wife, in the Jack Abramoff influence-peddling investigation. House Republicans, still smarting from losing control of Congress in 2006, are eager to put that ethics taint behind them.
Hopefully we won't forget, and won't let the Republican party forget, either. It ain't over till every last one of those pandering, corrupt criminals is behind bars. They have robbed and stolen and swilled from the public treasury as if the lives of the suffering taxpayers were completely inconsequential. The legislative branch must be cleansed of every corrupt slimebag, Republican or Democratic. The executive branch must be cleansed of every corrupt slimebag who worked hand-in-glove with those foreign or native who conspired to rob the Treasury and bog down this great nation in endless war. To the prisons with them all!
For months Doolittle resisted suggestions that he retire, branding his GOP critics "weasels." [...T]he Democrat he barely beat in 2006, Charlie Brown, collected 10 times as much money as the incumbent for a rematch.

Doolittle will be the latest in a string of House Republicans to announce their retirements, although most don't have his legal problems. Nearly 20 others are headed into voluntary retirement.
Break out the champagne, folks! The rats are leaving the sinking ship in their dozens!

Raw Story has the details.

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