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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2008 Elections: Fawning Lickspittle Predicts Fawning

Unbelievable. Chris Matthews, who couldn't get enough of Fred Thomson's "manly smell," is now predicting that fawning journalists will be coming out of the woodwork to ensure that Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic nomination.

What's more, in his typical misogynistic closeted QUEEN style (Jeezus Mary, Chris, whyn't you just admit the sight of a man gives you a chubby?) he's dithering on endlessly about how
"They'll play on every heartstring. They'll make Hillary a more sympathetic figure," Matthews predicted, saying that between now and Super Tuesday on February 5, the newspapers will fall over themselves to give us "the new Hillary, the softer Hillary, the humble Hillary."

"The fawning journalism is yet to come," concluded Matthews. "It's absolutely predictable. ... Oh, it's coming!"
No, Chris, you're coming, like we can't hear you drooling a mile away. Hillary Clinton has her good points and her bad points, but you - and the rest of the lickspittle Mainstream Media - have only bad points. Nothing good.

You, and your colleagues, have worked hard to ensure that the American people only see those candidates YOU want them to see. No Dennis Kucinich for us, no Ron Paul, no Chris Dodd. You're even trying to hide the fact (successfully, we might add) that John Edwards has climbed steadily in the polls since day one.

You shills of the press corps mocked Ron Paul, as if it was your business to tell us which candidates were worthwhile and which were not. Now you're blowing LoonyTunes McCain like those are the only choices, Obama or McCain.

People, don't let the mainstream media dictate who you should vote for. Look it up for yourself, find out the information, all the information, that you need to make an informed choice. We owe it to ourselves and our future generations not to let the same slimy bucket of worms that sold us George "The Chimperor" and the war that is killing our children, and our friends' children, dictate our choices.

Raw Story has the details and a video clip of that fat sack o'crap hatin' on Hillary. Get real, Matthews. If the politics of this country have become divisive, it's because of you, the lying shills and bootlickers of the "press." Some Fourth Estate. Fifth Column is more like it.

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At 3:44 PM, Blogger sgtg said...

You Go! I just can't stand that the media is going to decide who the nominees are. Most people I interact with like Kucinich best but it's as if he doesn't even exist. Makes me want to scream!


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