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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

2008 Elections: Hillary's Win In NH

So Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire with 39%, beating Barack Obama and John Edwards. What does it mean? Did anyone expect her to win New Hampshire?

Hillary herself didn't. And it looks as if the women of New Hampshire put her over the top. We have our theories about that. The media has been bashing Hillary nonstop since the day she first started campaigning. There's a lot about Clinton that we don't like. But no one can deny that she is a brilliant, highly competent professional and a top-notch politician. Unlike, for example, George W. Bush.

Our theory is, women got sick and tired of hearing Hillary bashed for her personality rather than her politics. After listening to Chris Matthews, who blathers endlessly about his man-crushes on all the Republican candidates, bash Hillary in the vilest of ways, we were ready to cast a vote for her ourselves.

Not a single substantive criticism have her detractors in the mainstream media raised. And there's plenty to criticize. Instead, they have chosen to bash her for being "cold," "emasculating," a "crybaby," even.

Enough, you useless sacks of shit. Enough with the bashing. You can't kiss the hems of the Republicans' coats enough times, and every word you've aimed at the Democratic candidates - who are head and shoulders above the Republicans - has been petty, sniping, personal criticism.

We haven't forgotten that the mainstream media were the first to beat the drums of war for Iraq, the most enthusiastic in helping George W. Bush steamroller any hint of patriotic opposition to lie us into an unwinnable, hugely expensive and utterly fruitless war.

You haven't been right about one damned thing since 1999 or earlier. So shut the fuck up. The unwashed masses are taking up the mantle of democracy. If there is a Deity or any justice, the lot of you will be grovelling before the Richard Mellon Scaifes of this world in about a year, begging for crumbs from his table because you'll all be out of jobs.

Starting with you, Chris Matthews.

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