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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Politics - The Idiot Boy

Opens his mouth only to change feet.

Now he's busy telling China to move from being a saving society to being a spending society so they can buy more American-made products. One would think, given the U.S.-manufactured recent financial crisis that is only being averted by injecting huge sums of money into the tottering economy, he would have the good sense to phrase things differently. I mean, not to even mention the background trade war of China and the U.S. each accusing the other of flogging tainted or substandard goods. Who writes his speeches, anyway? Because we all know he hasn't the brains to write this stuff on his own.

I think his speechwriters hate him and are doing what they can to sabotage him.

In the event, Raw Story has the report. A few choice details:
"Right now, because of the lack of a (social) safety net, many Chinese save for what we call a rainy day," Bush said.

"What we want is the government to provide more of a safety net so they start buying more US and Australian products."


"I will sit down with (Hu) and have a good honest, candid discussion, and he's going to tell me what's on his mind and I'm darned sure going to tell him what's on my mind," Bush said.


"I want China to be more aggressive when it comes to Iran. I'm interested to hear President Hu Jintao's attitudes toward the humanitarian crisis in Darfur," said Bush.

"In other words, there's a lot of issues (where we) wish they would have a different lean to their policy... But it's best to be able to discuss these issues in an environment that is frank and open and friendly, as opposed to one in which there's tension and suspicion."
Fat hopes, spoogeboy. The last time you met President Hu face-to-face, you grabbed his sleeve in violation of all protocol and attempted to drag him in a different direction, waving your arms like a demented baboon.

The man's insane, as this speech ought to show. Anyone who knows anything at all about China understands what a tremendous emphasis the culture has on appearances and respect (saving face). To say "I want China to," is to recall the years of Western attempts to, as the Chinese say, chop up China like a melon. China is an old and proud civilization, and will undoubtedly resent the Chimperor telling them what to do. What they'll do about it is anybody's guess.

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