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Monday, September 03, 2007

Entertainment - More Cute

Sometimes the world is too much to bear. My garden calls. The buddleia is finally drying up in the heat, and the Naked Ladies (Amaryllis belladonna) bloomed a month early, with their odd, sweet scent perfuming the entire garden all the way down the hill. I can smell them as I get out of my car. The bougainvillea has suffered, too, not as floriferous as it was last year. But in the garden there is peace, and no thoughts of what the Dark Wart and his glove puppet are spinning us with next. Time to eat, drink, listen to favorite tunes on the iPod, weed, water, play with the cats, watch the hummingbirds stake out territory.


Interspecies comity:

Between many species:

I'll be back.

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