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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Environment - Water Wars

Image courtesy of Auntie Beeb.

This charming map is yours by courtesy of the International Water Management Institute, IWMI. It shows exactly how fucked we are going to be very soon.

Auntie Beeb explains, among other things:
Economic water scarcity occurs due to a lack of investment and is characterised by poor infrastructure and unequal distribution of water.

Physical scarcity occurs when the water resources cannot meet the demands of the population. Arid regions are most associated with physical water scarcity. But the IWMI says there is an alarming trend in artificially-created scarcity - even in areas where water is apparently abundant.

This is largely due to overuse; agriculture uses up to 70 times more water to produce food than is used in drinking and other domestic purposes, including cooking, washing and bathing
. Not too much longer, I'd say. Damn, I wish it would rain this year, but chances are we'll have a downpour that washes entire homes away.

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