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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Health - The Right To End One's Life

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It's time for the interfering idiots of the world to step back and butt out of women's uteri and peoples' births, deaths, marriages, and sexual preferences. Really. I would really like to see the Bill Frists of this world publicly shamed and euthanasia become fully legal and accepted. What's the use of criminalizing the taking of one's own life? I can understand the state having an interest in preventing people from taking the lives of others - a privilege which most states prefer to arrogate unto themselves. But death is just as much a part of the continuum we call life as birth, sickness, reproduction, breathing. For the state or any body to impose their ideas upon a vastly overcrowded, growing, and threatened human population is simply ridiculous.

Bugger off and let me die with a smile on my lips as I drink my favorite tasty concoction of cyanide almond chocolate. And while you're about it, read this. I'd like to die in the comfort of my own home, thanks, and barring that, at least in a familiar place where I can feel comfortable. I don't much care what happens to the earthly remains afterwards. Wild animals, compost heap, crematorium, it's all the same to me.

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