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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Environment - Looming Water Crisis

Just in case you, like many others, were hoping desalinization was a viable solution to our water woes, let Auntie Beeb disabuse you of that notion.
"Desalinating the sea is an expensive, energy intensive and greenhouse gas emitting way to get water," said Jamie Pittock, director of WWF's global freshwater programme.

"It may have a place in the world's future freshwater supplies but regions still have cheaper, better and complementary ways to supply water that are less risky to the environment."

The report called for greater emphasis on managing existing supplies before the go-ahead was given to major water projects.
In light of the simultaneously looming energy crisis, desalinization looks even less appealing as an alternative, eh? Get used to the recycled shit, folks. Build watertowers for rain catchment, conserve water assiduously, and for mercy's sake STOP BREEDING!!! Water is a finite resource, and your little darlings may well perish when the supplies run out. Isn't it better to spare them that indignity? Freeze your goddamn reproductive bits, and if the world survives the next 20 years, you can have your mini-mes then. Otherwise, you're condemning your sprog to a short and horrible life.

This has been your Rant du Jour.

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