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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Health - Baby Food

I don't have much interest in babies, but having always loathed that abominable pureed shit that the little shits are fed, I just had to post this.
Spoon-feeding babies pureed food is unnatural and unnecessary, a childcare expert has warned.

Gill Rapley, deputy director of Unicef's UK Baby Friendly Initiative said feeding babies in this way could cause health problems later in life.

She said children should be fed only with breast or formula milk for six months, then weaned onto solids to improve control over how much they ate.
Seriously, folks. That crap doesn't even smell like food. Let the kids work their way up from cooked veggies to raw, to rice and oatmeal and salads and whatever else their hearts desire. I have to agree with the woman. In most traditional societies, babies are breast-fed and once weaned, they eat what the rest of the family eats, with the exception of when they're teething or ill, when they're usually fed gruel or porridge of some sort. I see this "special baby food" garbage as just another ploy to make work for women, and then make them feel guilty or inadequate about it. Kids have survived eating worms and bugs and dirt for centuries. Real food won't hurt them.

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