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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Politics - How Independent Can A WarWhore Be?

More Than Just Best Friends

Joseph Lieberman lost his party's nomination on his previous run for Senate. He then proceeded to run against the party's chosen candidate as an "independent." He engaged the assistance of the Young Republicans to win. He also engaged in some other equally questionable practices. In the end, the gullible fools who voted for him got their wish. He won. And ever since then, he threatens, on a weekly basis, to leave the Democratic Party, to vote with the Republicans on important issues, to cut his Democratic colleagues off at the knees in any way he can. He provides cover for the Republicans as often as he possibly can, on every issue. While Henry Waxman holds inquiry after inquiry, revealing lies, deception, and waste of public money on the part of this administration, Lieberman has managed to keep the Senate from doing anything useful. His promise to uncover the misdeeds that led to the devastation of New Orleans have been hollow indeed. Till today, two years after the disaster, the citizens of that once-beautiful city are still battling to return, to be given decent housing, to hold anyone accountable for the mess, even to force profiteer Jeb Bush to provide decent equipment in the no-bid contract his firm won to supply New Orleans with pumps.

Lieberman took money from Republican donors to win his campaign. And he's always taken money from lobbyists for various industry groups. His wife, Hadassah, is a lobbyist.

Again and again, Lieberman has shown that his only interest is in lining his own pocket and feeding his own ego. America be damned. Her citizens be damned. If he can get a little kiss or two from Georgie, that's better than pinning the responsibility for the damaged pumps of New Orleans on Georgie's brother, right? He continues to support, loudly and vocally, this horrendously unpopular war - a war in which none of his children is enlisted to fight.

This has gone far enough. It should be obvious to anyone who has an occasional stray thought meander through their head that Joe Lieberman will support a Republican - any republican, even one so thoroughly repugnant as Rudy Giuliani - against any Democrat, any day. So says PSoTD, and I agree. The spiteful, nasty, petulant Little Joe loves to yank the chains of anyone he perceives as having crossed his monstrously inflated ego.

Well, the time has come to put an end to his whoring. I'm fairly certain Lieberman will support Giuliani or Romney, if either of those idiots ends up winning the nomination. I don't think he'll support Huckabee, Brownback, or Tancredo, given that his constituents are way to the left of those two neanderthals. Tommy Thompson is as good as gone, and Fred Thompson just isn't going to commit, and he's waiting too long. Soon any interest in him as a viable candidate will have faded.

DailyKos has the results of the Iowa straw poll, and Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Sam Brownback are the first three. Tom Tancredo came fourth, Ron Paul fifth. Giuliani had a poor showing, but most likely because he didn't bother to show up. McCain, the Thompsons, and Duncan Hunter are pretty much out of the running, I think. Lieberman would certainly find it easy to throw his support to any of them.

So your action item, should you choose to accept it, is to "out" Lieberman. Write your Democratic congresscritter or Senatestooge, the local party heads, anyone else you think is worth writing. Tell them what you think Lieberman will do. Personally, I'm fairly certain he will double-cross the Party and will do it in the most public and damaging way. Urge TPTB to take action, do something, anything, to take the wind out of the Lieberwhore's sails. Because if they don't, they'll have egg all over their face the minute he announces.

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