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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Politics or Entertainment?

I had an amazing dream. It was so good that when I woke up in the middle of it, I had to go right back to sleep and continue the dream. (Doesn't often happen - I'm a light sleeper, and once awake it's hard for me to fall asleep again.)

I dreamed lifeforms from another planet, who looked just exactly like humans, arrived on Earth unannounced and proceeded to seize the entire misadministration and try them for their crimes. The whole lot. Libby, Rice, Card, Snotty McLellan, Snarly McCrashcart, Commander Codpiece, Feith, Perle, Wolfowitz, Snow - the whole bleeding lot. They built an enormous platform in the ocean near Mexico, and invited people to watch. Those who could not physically attend could automagically witness the entire proceedings by some technofuturo sleight of hand. They locked the whole gang up in a large cage. Nearly a million people made it to the actual trials, including Iraqis and Afghanis. No one was allowed to manhandle the prisoners, but they were forced to remain in the cage in the sunlight and in public view, and were not given any privacy or food, although water was provided. (In this the aliens were kind - they did not starve the wretched creatures, they merely let them go hungry for a while - so, they said, "you can experience for yourselves what your policies have forced many millions of your fellow humans to suffer.")

The trial started with reading a list of the crimes committed by the ruling junta. Every crime against humans, animals, nature, whether emotional, or physical, was listed. It took a long time. The aliens periodically interrupted the reading of the list to feed the people present, in a loaves-and-fishes manner. People (the prisoners included) were permitted to retire to the restroom as needed, but a recess was always called for bathroom breaks. The prisoners were not permitted to stay in the restroom beyond the length of time required for them to satisfy their bodily needs. Rice locked herself in at one point and refused to come out, but the aliens simply teleported her out, to her lasting fury and embarrassment.

There were weird funky bits in the dream, like the aliens going to a shopping mall with several elderly blind people (??), and one of them teleporting onto the balcony of someone's apartment to enjoy a prepackaged lunch (??) and then swiftly teleporting out when the apartment tenant returned unexpectedly.

The prisoners were not permitted a defense, nor were they permitted to answer to the charges made against them. When Abu G. started shouting that these were illegal acts, the aliens laughed so hard, I thought they were going to choke. People kept threatening to throw things at the prisoners, but the only things they had been allowed to bring with them was their clothing. Some tried to throw their food, but the aliens simply disappeared the food, returning it upon promises of future good conduct. Snarly McCrashcart nearly had an aneurysm. Commander Bunnypants alternated between sitting with his head in his hands, looking depressed, and shouting curses and threats (at one point, the aliens simply turned off his sound, so your could see he was shouting but couldn't hear a word).

I realize it's just fantasy, but it was such a great dream. Let's face it, this bunch of perverse criminals will never be held accountable. So a person has to dream if they want any satisfaction.

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