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Friday, August 10, 2007

Politics - Countering The Lies And Spin

If you have any outrage left, please direct it constructively in a (reasonably polite) letter to this idiot, Stu Bykovsky. Conveniently ignoring the fact that a largely Republican congress rubberstamped Commander Codpiece's warmongering policies for six years, bringing us to where we are today; spinning the complicity of the media in beating the drums for war; blaming Iraq for the mess that America is today, while conveniently ignoring the men behind the curtain; and finally, calling for an attack on the U.S., regardless of the cost in innocent lives. The mendacity and hypocrisy of this man is not to be believed. So send him a letter, please, telling him what you think of his ludicrous spew. And secretly wish and pray that if an attack occurs on American soil, it somehow miraculously targets him alone and spares everyone else. What a fuckwit.

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