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Friday, December 29, 2006

From Sappy to Snarky in Several Steps

If you haven't already seen Jurassic Pork's brilliant take on that sappy, sappy Xmas movie, "It's a Wonderful Life," hie thee thither this very second. It is to larf. Which I did, plentifully und snarkily.
(Thanks to the Jeffraham Prestonian Fambly of Fur for the directions!)

Of course, for amusement of the movie review variety, you can't go wrong withs.z. and scott, and in fact this review of It's A Depressing Life should put us all right in the mood for the holidays.

Or you could read their other movie reviews and get a hernia from laughing. Or just buy the book for a joyful and early death. But enough about me. Be sure to go to their blog, if you want to buy the book. Someone has to support s.z.'s hordes of hungry rescue beasts, and it might as well be you. Buy lots of copies. She might be able to feed a kitten on the revenue.

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