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Friday, February 06, 2009

Economy: ENOUGH

with the bullshit already! I am sick of this Republican weenie-waving taking place in the halls of Congress. While they're putzing around like the schmucks that they are, two to three million Americans (that's way more than one per cent of the working population) are sitting around out of work, watching the economy crash around their ears.

What the fucking fuck is wrong with the Republicans? Not ONE SINGLE Republican in the House voted for this stimulus bill that is designed to help the taxpayers. Not one. They couldn't rush over fast enough to vote for the big old payout to Wall Street bankers who handed it out in bonuses, or forked it out for their champagne and hookers. What the fuck are these hookers doing that's worth $2,000 an hour, you guys?

David Vitter, Senator from Louisiana, step forward and answer. New Orleans bloggers allow as how Senator Vitter, (not-so-)affectionately nicknamed "Shitty Vitty" was paying prostitutes to let him poop in adult Pampers and change him. Guys, our Republican Senators will be happy to provide the same service! Of course, I can understand why wealthy businessmen wouldn't want to be looking at the likes of Senator Lindsey "I am NOT in the closet, so there!" Graham, or, worse yet, Thad "Ah kin count to NINE wivout using mah toze" Cochran.

While our bold House Republicans were giving public blow jobs to every banker and greedbag they could get their slimy lips around, they watched those same people lay off 3.6 million of us workers just over the past year, and didn't bat an eye. Thank you American voters for making sure most of those swine were voted OUT of office in November, and we have enough Democrats in the House to pass that bill.

Now the Senators are wrapping their wrinkly, toothless old mouths around a passel of lies and the corporocracy's dicks at the same time. While they enjoy their expensive meals and private jets and cheat on their taxes and suck their buddies off, they watch as we flounder along with the economy.

Fuck this shit! It's gone far enough. Today, corporatAmerica is saying that they will be laying off tens of thousands more in the coming weeks. And our President has had enough. He's fighting back and taking names and royally kicking ass.

Please to amuse yourself:

And then, please to get off your ass and write, fax, email, or call every single one of those Rethuglicans. Buy a hundred postcards if you want and write the same exact message on each of them — something politer than "Pass that fucking stimulus bill, you goddamn cocksuckers, before We The People march on Capitol Hill and rip your fucking dicks out and shove them down your throat with a railroad spike!" I'm thinking. 'Cos, you know, the Post Office gets all delicate about people speaking their mind where/when someone else might see/hear them.

Maybe we could each send a pair of shoes to the Republicans in the Senate, with a little gift tag that says, "We look forward to BOOTing you out of office" or something. Fucking pigshit ratwads that they are. May they all be individually struck by lightning in the crotchal area, whereupon their nasty little dicks will shrivel into something resembling a charred wiener sausage and a couple of really tiny peanuts.

Bonus snarl: Walking pig-turd and professional spooge imitator Alex Castellanos wants y'all to know that "bipartisanship is for wussy Republicans." Fine, then. Let's get rid of the lot of them. We won't get the national energy policy, economic stimulus, human rights improvements, and Constitutional adherence we want with these motherfucking shitsacks because EVERYthing to them is partisan.

Out with the bastards!

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At 3:16 AM, Blogger Distributorcap said...

if obama walked into the congress with the cure for cancer and needed $1 of funding to make it work - graham, mcconnell, kyl and a host of other douchebags would vote it down

i hate these people - but they are winning the argument - or at least getting all the air time. because the media loves a soap opera -- they dont like sob stories of unemployed peons.

the media is MORE at fault than the congress -

At 10:15 AM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Agreed. How DO we combat those spoo-sacks?

At 9:38 PM, Blogger Sandy-LA 90034 said...

PC - I wish I had your way with words! I agree with what you say! These people, especially inside the Washington Beltway, have no allegiance to anything except their wealthy masters. We are moving toward an oligarchy if this continues. But I haven't given up on Obama. I believe he has the wherewithal to make a dent in their influence and turn the tide. But it won't be overnight. I expect him to make mistakes while he moves forward. As long as the end result benefits the rest of us, I'll support him along the way. At least he admits his mistakes.


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